Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome Elyssa Kay and Elayna Fay to the Kuhn Family

The Kuhn family welcomed 2 sweet baby girls on Valentine's Day! On Monday of that week at my doctor's appointment I tested positive for several of the signs of pre-eclampsia and on Friday my doctor called with the rest of the results and said we need to get the babies out TODAY!!! That scared me to death and I shook like a leaf! But they were born safely via emergency c-section.
 This was me just before we walked out the door to the hospital. When the Doc called I didn't even have anything packed for me and didn't have everything in the girls diaper bag and nothing was ready at home. LOL We were expecting another 2 weeks yet to prepare. 

 The girls in their cribs
 Mommy feeding Elayna, just still supplementing along with breastfeeding. 
 Elyssa Kay all snug as a bug in a rug. 
 They love being in the same crib and usually get more fussy if they're not. 
 Elayna Fay (above)
Elyssa Kay (below)

 Proud new Daddy and Momma with their girlies. 
 All snuggled up. Elayna on the left and Elyssa on the right. 
 This was Tuesday night after 5 days in the hospital we were finally discharged.  I had some complication set in on Monday that kept us there another day. My hemoglobin dropped down to 7 and usually if it's below 12 they do blood transfusions and my doc was considering it, but was able to get it to come up to 7.7 with Iron supplements by the next morning. I was and still am pretty weak, I get tired out quite quickly. Plus the girls were a bit jaundiced so they were being watched, they didn't have to go under the billi lights or anything but they did have to get their blood checked. 
 Proud Grandma! She stayed with us in the hospital all 5 days as well and helped so much!! She's still here helping at home, with cleaning and feeding and changing and even taking us to doctor's appointments and such. Daddy had to go back to class this week so he's not been able to take us places we needed to go, plus we're having a problem with the car seats fitting in our car. I hope that problem can be resolved quickly as I don't know what we will do if not. 
 All ready to go home, we swim in our big car seats and sleepers! LOL 
 Our new family ready to leave the hospital. 
 Elyssa Kay on the left and Elayna Fay on the right. 
Elyssa was born at 2:12 pm on 2/14/14 and weighed 5.9 lbs and was 17 3/4" long. 
Elayna was born at 2:13pm on 2/14/14 and weighed 4.9 lbs and was 17 1/2" long. 
Sharing secrets and plots already! LOL :) 

We are totally in love with our girls and couldn't be prouder to be their mommy and daddy! Yes it's lots and lots of work but it's all worth it!