Saturday, September 14, 2013

Playing Summer Catch Up

Well I know it's been quite awhile since I have updated my blog, it's been a super busy, crazy summer here! Over the summer we got to visit with family and enjoy fun times together! In June we had the youth camp in Nelsonville that we attend every year, and it was good as always! June started off kind of crazy for us though as I ended up in the ER where they found I had a blood clot in my right leg, it wasn't in my deep vein system so it's not really anything to worry about currently unless it moves. But I was down with that for a little while, because of the fear that it could move, but then I got moving again. 
    In July my mom had an incident with her back that I ended up going to take care of her for 12 days and during that time, I found out that we were expecting! :) After returning home and getting a confirmation and ultrasound at the hospital and finding that I had high blood pressure I was back on bed rest for several weeks, till my blood pressure got under control. Then on August 7 we found out we were not having one but TWO babies! Yes, you read right it's TWINS!!! 
They are not identical so that's why I say not in the same pod. They are due on March 8, 2014. We get an ultrasound at every appointment because of the fact that it's twins and they want to make sure they're checking on both babies, so that makes things fun as we get to see them quite often. I have been on and off bed rest for the whole time and am currently 15 weeks along. We don't know what the little ones will be yet, but we're hoping for a boy and a girl! :) We hope to possibly find out this week at my appointment! :) Twins run pretty heavily in my husband's side of the family and they're sprinkled throughout my family as well. However the doctor thinks that it was actually triplets and one baby didn't develop all the way, and you can see the outline of that 3rd baby in one of the ultrasound pictures, but it's gone now. So we'll get to meet it when we get to heaven. We are quite excited about our growing family and a little nervous as well. (well I am, hubby isn't so much, he's taking it all in stride aside from a little stress with the complications I've had so far.) 
Anyhow I thought I would catch everyone up on our Summer. We started back to school the last week of August, I'm still taking a full load and hopefully won't have problems finishing this semester as I'm hoping to change my major to specialized studies and finish my bachelor's and then I can substitute teach at least.