Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heart Warming Wednesdays

Are any of you longing for spring and the warmth and sunshine it brings? As I was trying to think of what to post for Heart Warming Wednesdays this week, I decided to post about things you can do to make it cheery in your home to wait out the dark dreary days of winter till Spring comes you know that Spring is only.....
Ah.... can't wait to see my bulbs pop up this year! I plan to keep adding when we do our landscaping in the spring. Just after we moved in to our new place the landlord had a drive made around the back of the house which is much safer than pulling directly out on the road from the garages because they sit just over a hill. So in the spring I plan to line the drive with a mixture of weeping cherry trees and dog woods along with a split rail fence. I think it will just look beautiful when done! I can't wait! 

But in the mean time while I pour over seed catalogs I have coming in the mail and dream of my spring and summer gardens I decided I would share with you some ways to cheer your home and make it feel a bit more like spring. 

1. Treat yourself to a fresh bouquet of flowers...Flowers seem to cheer a spot up especially if they're bright! I know a lot of us shop at Walmart and they have some really pretty bright colored bouquets over in the produce area. You should really check them out, they're usually inexpensive. I don't think it needs to be a special occasion to treat yourself to flowers! 
(These flowers were from when we lived in the tiny trailer, but they give you the idea)

2. Grow some spring bulbs indoors.... I know that with spring still a little over 2 months away it's easy to get spring fever early especially when the weather is mild and sometimes warm and sunny. Here in Ohio it's not always as sunny as I would like it to be, but who's to say we can't plant a little sunshine in our homes. I found in December that a little pot of mini daffodils my mom had bought me last year was sprouting so I moved it indoors and have been watering it and sitting it where it will get sunshine! I can't wait to see the blooms! 

So there are 2 ways this week of how you can bring a little spring cheer to your home!
So what ways do you use to cheer your home after the decor of the holidays has been packed away for another year? I'd love to see them, be sure to link up below and share ways to make your home Heart Warming! 

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