Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heart Warming Wednesdays

Today is Heart Warming Wednesdays at the Kuhn household that means I'm going to share an event that Happened 4 years ago, Our wedding! I think that's heartwarming enough! LOL :) Plus this comes just after our 4 year wedding anniversary of course. 

Almost 5 years ago now Bud asked Abby to marry him on Valentine's Day of 2008 and there started a journey which has led us to today! 

Bud in the groom's dressing room, getting ready to get married. 

Abby getting ready for pictures before the ceremony. (I woke with a migraine that morning and it held on till after the wedding So if my eyes look tired it's a mixture of being tired (I was up till midnight helping decorate the reception hall.) and having a bad headache.  

Abby and her bridesmaids and flower girl. From Left to right Kim K (sister in law to be), Alicia R. (Sister-in-law) Andrea H. (Best friend Matron of Honor), Of course Abby, Joanna R.(cousin) Jenny K. (sister in law to be) and Ava (Neice)

Jonathan H. (Bible Bearer) and Ava (Neice, Flower girl/Mini Bride) I though they were so cute! Ava was holding Jon's hand here. Later she told her mom that she got married that day! LOL :) She was 3 years old then. 

The Handsome Groom. 

This was during the song "I loved her first" Scott Heskett did an awesome job. Dad was teary eyed, I kept my eyes on my groom to keep from crying. (Little did I know that 3 years later I would lose my daddy! :( )

During the ceremony! 

Another shot during the ceremony. I thought this shot was unique because it was between the candles. 
Lighting the Unity Candle. ( I kind of wish that I had done a bit more decorating to that table but hey it wasn't the end of the world I did the most decorating at the Reception which was perfectly fine because I thought it was all very pretty!) 
This couple (the people standing) Scott and Susie Heskett (she just passed away from cancer in November 2012) has been an inspiration to us. They sang several songs at our wedding. 
First Kiss! Wahoo! 
Getting Rice (the special kind) Thrown! Surrounded by friend and family! 
Two special Preachers Steve Heskett (He's the one who first introduced us!) And Rev. Stanley Grabill Abby's pastor for several years and still the pastor of the Salem Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist church. 
The whole Bridal Party Left to Right Kim, Jen, Joanna, Alicia, Andrea, the Bride and Groom, Wayne , Patrick, Keith, Kevin, Mark and the flower girl and Bible bearer. 
Bride (I like this with the piano in the background.)  
Kissing at the reception. 
The cake. My friend Shanesta made it for us. I thought is was very beautiful! 

The picture area at the reception. My Aunt Becky did most of the work in this area and I thought it turned out so pretty. My Uncle Roger made the sleigh for the gifts. You can just barely see it. 

I regret that I lost our camera the following year and it had all our pictures from our honeymoon on it so I don't have any of those to post. We went to Gettysburg, PA after spending a few days at a house in Salem that a couple had let us use (no one knew we were there.). It was fun but  very cold! 
So there is my post for Heart Warming Wednesday! 
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