Friday, January 4, 2013

Festive Fun Fridays

Today is Festive Fun Friday and hopefully will be every week! If you would like to be a guest featured on my blog please comment or send me an email! I'm looking for posts that have to do with seasonal decor ideas, seasonal meal ideas (would also get posted to my Creative Adventures with Food blog), Holiday celebration Ideas.

This week I'm posting about Christmas this past year 2012, I didn't get to do a post in December it got a bit too busy for me so here it is now!
This is our Christmas Tree in the Living room 2012. (I had 6 trees up this year and still do! :) 
We celebrated our Christmas stretched out this year. We opened 1 gift on the 23rd, then 3-4 gifts on the 24 and the rest spread out on the 25th. 
This was the tree in the Dinning Room, I may keep this tree up all year and decorate it for different holidays like Valentine's, Saint Patrick's Day (which is also Hubby's b-day), Easter, and so on. 

 This was one of my favorite spots in the house because I just thought that it turned out so beautifully! I found the idea for the stairs on Pinterest (I love that site!) Below is a photo with just the lights to light it up.

 This was my china cupboard decorated for Christmas. I wanted to put lights through that pine but it never got done. But I still thought it turned out pretty. All the pine you see I picked up at yard sales and things the year that I got married since we had a Christmas Wedding.
 My dinning room table, I was getting ready for our Christmas dinner I think. This was our German year, we've chosen to do different countries each year and celebrate Christmas that way. So we had pork roast and sauerkraut and mashed potatoes and a veggie.
I love the nativity set which was a bridal shower gift, it has scripture relating to Christ's birth on each of the figurines. It always has a special place in my home at Christmas. The past couple Christmases it's been on my piano but I did that a bit different this year and liked it better here since it got seen more! 
 This was the snow we got Last weekend. I thought it was so pretty all over the trees and such. I wanted to get outside with my camera but didn't make it out there. These pics are from the windows and doors of our home.
 This is in our backyard. The deer come up here in the evenings. I throw old apples out there for them to feed on so I think they like that. I'd like to get a salt block for them to put out there so we can get some pics of them.
 This is looking through the living room front door through the wreath to across the road, thought it turned out neat so thought I would share it with you.
This is the barn across the road thought it was a neat picture. I love being in the country! 
Well Hope you enjoyed this Festive Fun Friday and the pictures. Let me know what you're doing fun this Friday. We plan to have game nights starting this Friday every Friday or Every other Friday. So one of these Friday's I may make my post about that! 

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