Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Start of Heart Warming Wednesdays!

Hi all, I know it's been several days since I last posted here on the blog, but I wanted to post and let you all know that I've started something new on my Creative Adventures with Food blog, it's called Heart Warming Wednesdays. Check it out HERE! We look forward to having you!
Now for a promised update on the fall decorating here at our house.

This is the center piece on the dining room table! I love that wire pumpkin it's from Partylite!
This is our front steps. I had fun doing this! I found the idea somewhat on Pinterest! I love that site!
 This is also in the front of the house, although now the frost has killed all the impatients! I don't care for cold weather, because I enjoy my flowers so much! But I guess I'll have to fix these beds up for winter too!
This is the wreath on the front porch, it's just a grapevine wreath and then I did the decorating! I bought it that way so that I can change it out for different seasons aside from Christmas since I plan to have a Christmas wreath out there then!

    This is on one of the front doors since we have 2 doors, I have 2 of these wreaths one has a boy pilgrim and the other a girl.

There is the full front of our house! I have enjoyed decorating up and planting flowers so much! I still will plant the mums later after I'm done displaying them.