Monday, September 3, 2012

New Jobs, New School, New Home

    Wow so much has happened since July. Yesterday was the first day in a new position as Pastor/Pastor's wife of a little church called Lathrop Mission Church in Lathrop, OH. We have been filling in there on Sunday nights for 5 months and as of Yesterday, September 2, 2012, we became the full time pastor there. It is a new post for us and brand new territory. This is our first full time pastorate, we have been youth pastor, and assistant but now we are full time. We're both excited and scared, but know that God will help us through. I'm interested in finding some good literature to read on being a Pastor's wife since I never did get the chance to take the class women in ministry. I'm asking that if any of you pastor's wives out there know of any good books in the this area could you pass along the titles and author's names? Now I know that experience doesn't come from reading books but from getting into the work and prayer and wisdom from God and I am seeking just that. I have been praying that God will give us wisdom and insight to do the job that He has called us to do. I know that he never promised sunshine without rain, joy without pain/tears, I know that the job we've been called to do will not be easy at times. I knew all these things when I married Bud. We knew that someday God was going to lead us to that first church, never knew it would be in our home state and this close to home though. :)
Bud preaching first sermon as full time pastor of Lathrop Mission Church

    We also started a new school last week. Ohio University the Lancaster campus is now our pathway to our degrees in Early Childhood Education K-3. It's going to be a long rough road I think. We were late getting into the school and weren't able to pick choice classes, so we just picked up what we could. We are both taking an Intro to Music Theory and the teacher is quite intense (only not in Music!), requiring us to walk through the door making eye contact and smiling at him! Some days you're just worn out, frustrated and don't feel like putting on a "good" front! But I think it's one of the classes that we'll stay awake in since it's only an hour long twice a week. The good thing is we have 3 day weekends so that leaves time for doing homework and catching up on house work and doing ministry things. Which is so nice!
   The end of June beginning of July we moved into a beautiful house in the country! We have lived here for 2 months and are loving it! It has 4 bedrooms (yes we have a guest room, not entirely put together yet but there!) and all hardwood flooring! It's just a rental but it feels like home to us now, finally more than just a place to hang our hats and stuff away our things! I have room to put everything away and decorate the way I've wanted to for so long! We've never entirely unpacked at any of the other 3 places we've lived so it's nice to finally get out the pretty stuff and use it! I have a dinning room complete with dining room furniture (found at the local thrift store for a steal!), and a china cupboard that matches so I now can display my china and tea pots and stuff.

 Looking on the one side towards the back porch
 Front of the House
Living Room