Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Graduation Approaches!

Well for the past 2 years we've been enrolled at Hocking College working on our Associates in Early Childhood Education. We have graduated (Bud has returned for one more semester to finish up general education courses, but he is done with tech courses). I have started online college to get my bachelor's and have been quite busy keeping up with that as well as packing to move!
Here are some pictures from our time at Hocking College:

This was a field trip to Robbins crossing for Social Studies class.
 Part of Robbins Crossin for Social Studies Class.
 This was part of our tour of Robbins Crossing for Social Studies class.
 This was Bud's Three little Pigs House made of Sticks. (popsicle sticks that is! LOL)
 This was for creative experiences class, we did a study on the Three Little Pigs books then we had a choice of what house to make. This one is made of hay.
 This may seem a strange picture, but it was a requirement for one of the classes we took on Anti-Bias in the classroom. I made an Indian inspired meal, it was quite interesting. It was pork chops in apricot sauce, green beans sauteed with garlic, rice with cashews and raisins.
 Abby in her cap and gown, happy to be graduating.

 Bud hiding out behind a tree with his cap and gown! Happy to be graduating.
This is Abby & Bud with the President of Hocking College on Phi Theta Kappa induction night!
 The Table all set up for Phi Theta Kappa induction.
 Abby and Charlotte after induction into Phi Theta Kappa. Bud, Abby, and Charlotte were the only three out of our department that joined Phi Theta Kappa.
 This was the night we were inducted into Phi Theta Kappa- Interntional Honors Society. Mom came down to celebrate with us! The roses were given to us during the ceremony.
 This is Summer and Abby. Summer was Abby's supervising teacher at the local elementary school for 1 year (I had a different teacher the first year and didn't get a pic). This was in the 1st grade.
 This was Brooke and Bud. Brooke was Bud's supervising teacher at the local elementary school for 2 years during his practicum. (His shirt is wet because it was field day and quite hot!) This was in the 1st grade.
 Mar and Connie openin gifts and cards.
 Most of those who were graduating with us and most of these people didn't even show up for graduation! From L-R Front to Back. Connie, Mar, Lisa, Ansley, Bethanie, Shana, Angie, Katie, Tabitha, Cassandra, Charlotte, Carolyn,Bonnie, Micah, Steph, Abby, Bud. Most of them are going on or their bachelor's.
 From L to R- Bud, Mar Magyary(head of our department and professor), Connie (the other main professor in our department), Abby. This was at Hocking College in the shelter house, it was party to celebrate those who had finished their degrees and also bid farewell to Mar who retired this year! :'( We really liked our teachers and that's not for brownie points! (course we don't need brownie points anymore!) LOL
 This is us at our graduation pary the Friday before graduation. It was nice to celebrate!
 It's finally graduation day! (this is in he parking lot of the college that's John Light Hall behind us where we had so many of our classes. And Oakley Hall is to your left where our department offices were held and also a few of our classes.)
 Bud about to receive his diploma! That's Laurel our dean reading off his name and what degree he is getting.
 Abby about to recive her diploma!
We've got the diplomas in hand! (well at least the binder they are to go in when we receive them!LOL) We worked hard for 2 years on this! We've now been given our Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education here we come Bachelor's!

So there you have some pics of our time at Hocking College. This fall we'll start another adventure! (Well right now I've already started but am not sure if I will continue with online classes or go to a traditional classroom.)