Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Here some pics of my Easter Dinner table:
 Hubby came in Saturday night with the bouquet of flowers for the middle of the table. ( I had bought some silk flowers to use but quickly changed them out and used them on my piano.)
 I just came up with the idea to make bunnies out of Easter Eggs and rolled napkins, I thought they turned out so cute. I drew the faces on with a dry erase marker.
 My beautiful flowers from Hubby!

 Top of my piano decorated for Easter. The flowers were the silk ones I bought for the table and didn't have to use them there. (they are from Dollar Tree)

We had 2 pork roasts (we had 6 people here and I knew one wouldn't be enough besides we needed some left overs for Monday lunches), Mashed Potatoes, California Blend Vegetables, and Rolls, And a Strawberry Ice Cream Cake for dessert (that was for Bud's late birthday- his birthday was in March and he doesn't like regular cake and we couldn't afford an ice cream cake right then so we got one to celebrate for Easter).
Enjoyed a few hours with my in-laws, even though I read them the poem my momma wrote in memory of my dad and cried throughout it, but it's good to remember him, and they all wanted to hear it.

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