Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Christmas Eve

Hubby and I celebrated our Christmas Eve tonight since we'll be spending Christmas with my folks, we're celebrating our Christmas tomorrow so tonight is our Christmas Eve! I've been decorating still right along with celebrating. 
Our Tree 2011
 Abby Opening her Christmas Eve Gift
 Abby with her Christmas Eve Gift
 The Cookies I've made this year! (Wanted to make so many more but haven't had the time!)
 Bud Opening His Christmas Eve Gift (An 8x10 picture of Abraham Lincoln, He loves history stuff!)
 The tops of my Cupboards in the Kitchen Decorated with Gold Garland and a String of Colored lights.
 The top of our Front door decorated with pine and fake cranberries and colored lights. 
 The top of one of  Bud's bookshelves in the living room.
 The Top of another Bookshelf Decorated with my bouquet from our wedding and my tiara. (the flag is from Bud's dad who was in the Army and this was given to Bud at His dad's funeral)
 The Top of the piano decorated with various Candles and pine and fake cranberries and white lights. 
The top of another Shelf unit inside the front door. 
I'll be posting pictures from our Anniversary tomorrow and our Christmas. And of course our Family picture from 2011! Hopefully we'll get the dog and cat involved in the family pic but we'll see! LOL :)

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  1. What fun Christmasy touches...and I especially like the last one!

    Thanks for your comment!

    Have a blessed Christmas! =)