Friday, December 16, 2011

My musings on the Christmas Story.

I find myself praising my Savior even more at this time of year. I've been becoming more aware of His life and the things He gave up to come to earth. A song I heard the other day said that the Lord of all creation lowered Himself to be born in a humble stable and in a feeding manger. I find myself thinking what was going through Mary's mind as she sang lullaby's to her little baby and kissed him. I can't imagine actually kissing the face of God. Such great responsibility rested on this girl (she was very young I'm sure), yet she was highly favored of God. The relationship she must've had with her Creator is one which I long to mimic. I'm not trying to idolize Mary just some musings I've had over the past several days. The fear that was hers in the beginning knowing that once people knew she was with child, she could be stoned and possibly lose Joseph her espoused husband.
       Joseph too had much to think of, confusing, conflicting even fearful thoughts I'm sure gripped his mind much of the time. Then the angel appearing in a dream confirming the news his dear Mary had told him, I'm sure this both gave him a little peace but yet even made his heart more fearful. The responsibility that Joseph had to his dear sweet Mary yet the responsibility of raising God's only Son must've been terribly stressful. If I could I'd love to imagine that night in the stable, Joseph pacing the floor worrying about the place his dear sweet Mary was giving birth, A STABLE, of all places. Yet he had tried every inn every place in town and hadn't been able to find a room. Mary's groans increasing with the pain of delivery and his worries about helping her with the delivery being a man and not knowing much about those things. I'm sure many questions went through his mind. Yet through it all this gentle peace that stole over him as the miracle of birth happened there in a lowly cattle stable, he at once truly knew this was the Son of God. As Joseph held this most precious baby in his arms and lifted his heart to God in prayer asking for His wisdom to guide the upbringing of this child. And as Mary lifted her song to God of praise knowing who this child was and yet sorrowing at how it all would end. 
      Then those lowly shepherds sitting round their fire visiting in the wee hours of the night startled by a dazzling light and such beautiful music. If I could I'd love to tell their story as well. There were several shepherds, Eliab, Caleb, Aaron, and Jacob along with Eliab's son Daniel, all watching sheep that night and discussing the current affairs of their country.  Eliab talked about the Roman army and how it seemed to occupy every part of their affairs making things so difficult, and then in a heartfelt prayer he said "Lord please send us the Messiah." Caleb, Aaron and Jacob were admiring the night sky when suddenly their faces changed to that of fright. Eliab looked up to see a whole host of angels in the night sky lifting their voices in praises to the Messiah. Then the angel messenger told them where they could find this baby and worship Him themselves. They hurried along even little Daniel leading his precious little lamb Snowflake. Daniel was excited to be able to see the One they had waited so long for and whom he'd heard of since the day he was born. After arriving at the humble stable the shepherds knelt in worship to their King! Then little Daniel looking fondly at his lamb in his heart knowing that he wanted to give Snowflake to this newborn King of Kings, turned and whispered to his father his wishes. His father after trying to persuade his son otherwise and making no headway decided that he would offer the lamb. And so the shepherds gave their humble gifts to the family. And went away praising God for His answer to prayer. 
      Just some things I've been thinking during this Christmas Season. 

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