Thursday, August 11, 2011


Wow, a lot has happened in the last month! I went to Nashville, TN for ACE administrator's training leaving DH home alone, boy was that a tough week! I got very homesick!
After returning home I had to do a ton of catch up work on school, had a mid-term to take and assignments to turn in for sociology class. That class ended on August 3, 2011 and we started Pre-algebra on August 4, 2011 and had our first test in there today! It's not going too bad though!
Got home today and found the dog had chewed into DH's CD case and chewed up CD's! GRRRR! He went in the crate for a good while and will have to keep going in the crate when we're not home he's just too destructive!
DH got out Christmas music yesterday of all things! LOL :) I like Christmas but am dreading winter this year!
Well I give piano lessons today in Logan.
I'm also back on a diet watching points with weight watchers I've been eating salads for lunch and fruit for dessert! I actually feel lots better than cramming myself full of processed foods! Maybe I should be a vegetarian! LOL No I'm kidding, I like my meat and cheese and such!