Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's another Saturday in the Life....

Wow what a to do list for today, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and blogging of course! I plan to start taking pictures of the recipes I fix to post on here! I love cooking.
I've been reading so much about blogging the past day or so and want to give it a whirl! Sounds like it could be interesting, and it's nice to have a place to write stuff that happens!
Tomorrow Bud will be preaching at a church in Royalton, OH, of course I'll be there too but he'll be doing the preaching and we'll probably do a little singing. Never been to this church before and I'm excited!
My two furry children Kosar and Bandit are at it again fighting, some of their fights are just funny, when Bandit (cat) comes bouncing across the floor on both hind legs claws out to attack an unsuspecting Kosar (dog) you just have to laugh! It's good comic relief!
So how do we feel about baking dog treats?? I found some pretty neat recipes, and when you're on a budget and have to work with what you have on hand it's great to search for recipes that use what you have on hand such as peanut butter (dogs love) flour, milk, oatmeal and baking powder! I think I'll give it whirl hopefully Kosar will love the change! Those dog treats are expensive sometimes!

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