Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Our Puppy has been sick since Sunday night and we haven't had the money to take him to the vet so last night I decided before church that we would annoint him and pray over him. I believed God could do it because it says in His word cares for the sparrows so why wouldn't he care about another of His creatures. And He's worked in that way before, I had a dog several years ago that got Parvovirus, which severely dehydrates and will kill them pretty quickly and again I didn't have alot of money but I did do the at home IV solution but even that didn't seem to help so it gots so bad I finally just put him back out on the porch (I had, had my church family praying for him as well) and the next morning he scarfed down his food! So I believe in the power of prayer even for your pets!
Last night was a wonderful service at SEO Youth Camp! People shouting praises and walking the aisles several were saved or recieved help at the altar. I've really been enjoying as much of camp as we've been able to get into! We are to sing tonight since last night we didn't get the chance which is perfectly all right by me, God was there and it's up to God how he directs the service.

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