Friday, June 17, 2011

Crazy times

So yesterday I was filing papers in my new filing cabinent and ran across the renewal notice for the license on my car, here I've been driving on expired tags for 3 weeks! Ugh now for the late fee on getting the plates renewed!
Yesterday just didn't turn out to be a very good day, paying bills always gets me all uptight and stressed and then all my piano lesson students cancelled on me! Out of 11 students I didn't have one lesson this week! Hopefully next week will be better!
Today will be laundry day and I think I may tear into gettting a Junior church theme going! Really wanting to get back into children's ministry had so much fun doing it and our church needs a junior church. Gotta figure out which theme to use and what I need to do that theme as far as decor and such. It's always fun. Hopefully I can pull it together before school starts up again which really my schedule isn't all that bad!
The puppy is cutting teeth and was having issues the last couple nights he wants to sleep right on Bud's pillow and there just isn't room and then he licks and licks and licks at you and keeps you awake so everytime he tried we shoved him back to the foot of the bed last night!
Tonight was fun went and played BINGO with the in-laws we bring prizes of household items such as dish soap, toilet paper, cookies, paper towels, soap and shampoo and conditioner, decor items and such. It's a fun time to get together we all pitch in for the meal tonight was cookout style we had hamburgers and hot dogs and potato salad and chips and watermelon and cookies, and so many other things!

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