Sunday, June 19, 2011

A beautiful Sunday morning!

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and Father's Day to boot! I want to wish my Father a wonderful and happy Fathers day! I love him dearly!
Today hubby and I are going to Royalton, Ohio to preach, praying that God will bless the people there and help Bud as he preaches and us as we sing for them. I'm excited I like going to meet new people and visiting different churches (however I also enjoy coming home to comfort of our own church which we love!). Since my Dear Hubby is a pastor/preacher we get called occasionally for a preaching service or even for singing.
Well it's going to be a long day and I need to go get ready to go. Missing Kosar this morning since he's staying with Aunt Kimmy! Feels strange not to be taking him out or feeding him or having him on my heels since he's my buddy, but we'll have him back tonight!
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and all you dads out there have a wonderful Father's Day!

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