Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Day in the Life

Today has been kind of laid back! It's been great though because we're on break from school right now and so enjoying it.
I got out and played in the dirt for awhile and planted some flowers like I've been wanting to and petted Mango the cat who adopted us! LOL He's really pretty but if he doesn't like something you do he'll bite you! I had to smack him a few times (just a light smack nothing that would hurt) to get him to stop. Finally I just put him down.
Life has been pretty hectic up till this weekend, between school and teaching piano I stay quite busy! This week was our finals and we had some pretty big ones we were worried about but it seems we've passed with flying colors at least that's what we hope!
We've also started back on our weight watchers diet hoping to shed some very much unwanted pounds! I'm hoping to find some great new recipes to try that are low in points values and yet filling! Yesterday we had huge salads for lunch but they didn't last very long, today we had BBQ Pork sandwiches and fruit.

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